Anybody in the board, who has done skinning for landscape mode for series 60 3.0. My application currently has portrait mode and i am given the task of implementing the landscape mode. We support portrait mode skinning completely including the status pane, battery pane and universal indicator pane. Battery pane, signal pane and universal indicator pane are drawn using icons. The same process is followed for landscape mode. Well it looks good in landscape mode too but only as long as i do not invoke "application menu". When i invoke application menu the Battery pane , signal pane and universal pane get highlighted, effect is somewhat to show that all these parts are in background and menu is in foreground. Now the location of universal indicator pane is inbetween status pane and control pane for landcape mode, so highlighting is making it look awkword. although the same is what happens in portrait mode, but since the location of universal indicator pane is within status pane, so it does not look bad.

my questions are,

Is there any way i can direct the system not use these background or highliting effect.

why the same does not happen when i do not use skinning in landscape mode . I have seen camera application in n80. When i use the application to play video it goes into landscape, invoking menu does not highlight the battery, signal and indicator panes . how is it done ?

ravinder chouhan