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平台: S60 3rd Edition, MR
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)

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这里演示了如何保存用Camera API(ecam.lib)捕捉的图片。下列代码很大程度简化了对错误和实际图片捕捉的处理。更多关于捕捉图片的内容,请参考CS000904 - Capturing an image




LIBRARY  efsrv.lib 
LIBRARY eikcore.lib


CAPABILITY  UserEnvironment
LIBRARY ecam.lib


#include <EIKENV.H>  // CEikonEnv/**
* Symbian Onboard Camera API observer. Gets called after
* CCamera::CaptureImage() is called.
* @param aBitmap a pointer to a bitmap image if this was the format specified
* @param aData a pointer to JPEG image data if this was the format specified
* @param aError KErrNone on success or an error code on failure
void CCameraEngine::ImageReady(CFbsBitmap* aBitmap, HBufC8* aData, TInt aError)
// TODO: Error handling
// It is assumed here that before capturing the image format was set
// to CCamera::EFormatExif, and that the device supports this format.
// This means that the (EXIF JPEG) image data is contained in aData
// argument.
// Connect to the file server session and reserve a file for the image
RFs& fsSession = CEikonEnv::Static()->FsSession();
_LIT(KFilename, "C:\\Data\\Images\\image.jpg");
RFile file;
TInt frErr = file.Replace(fsSession, KFilename, EFileWrite);
// TODO: Error handling
// Write the image data to the file.
TInt fwErr = file.Write(*aData);
// TODO: Error handling



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