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建立Internet连接的最好的方法是使用Internet Connection Initiator API. 其头文件为Intconninit.h,链接库为Intconninit.lib。 下面是如何使用的示例代码,如果没有默认连接(Preferred Connection), 实际上, 你可以创建一个活动对象(active object)来控制连接的初始化过程.

CCommsDbConnectionPrefTableView::TCommDbIapConnectionPref pref1;
CCommsDbConnectionPrefTableView::TCommDbIapConnectionPref pref2;
//--- First preference ----
pref1.iRanking = 1;
pref1.iDirection = ECommDbConnectionDirectionOutgoing;
pref1.iDialogPref = ECommDbDialogPrefDoNotPrompt;
CCommsDbConnectionPrefTableView::TCommDbIapBeare bearer1;
bearer1.iBearerSet = ECommDbBearerGPRS;
bearer1.iIapId = 0x01;
pref1.iBearer = bearer1;
//---Second preference ---
pref2.iRanking = 2;
pref2.iDirection = ECommDbConnectionDirectionOutgoing;
pref2.iDialogPref = ECommDbDialogPrefDoNotPrompt;
CCommsDbConnectionPrefTableView::TCommDbIapBearer bearer2;
bearer2.iBearerSet = ECommDbBearerCSD;
bearer2.iIapId = 0x04;
pref2.iBearer = bearer2;
//---Call Initiator---
TRequestStatus status(KRequestPending);
CIntConnectionInitiator* initConn = CIntConnectionInitiator::NewL();
initConn->ConnectL(pref1, pref2, status);
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