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  • 设备, 软件 版本:

S60 3rd Edition

S60 3rd Edition, FP1

  • 详细描述

现在可以通过使用AIW Service Handler API初始化视频和网络电话(VoIP),这组API属于S60第三版SDK扩展插件的一部分。



MakeAiwCallL( _L("+3581234567"), _L("Firstname Lastname"), EAiwVideo); 
// EAiwForcedVideo doesn't show dialogs
// MakeAiwCallL( _L("+3581234567"), _L("Firstname Lastname"), EAiwForcedVideo);
void MakeAiwCallL( const TDesC& aNumber, const TDesC& aName, TAiwCallType aCallType )
// Create AIW service handler
CAiwServiceHandler* serviceHandler = CAiwServiceHandler::NewLC();
// Create AIW interest
RCriteriaArray interest;
CleanupClosePushL( interest );
CAiwCriteriaItem* criteria =
CAiwCriteriaItem::NewLC( KAiwCmdCall, KAiwCmdCall, _L8( "*" ) );
const TUid KUidAiwBase = { KAiwClassBase };
criteria->SetServiceClass( KUidAiwBase );
User::LeaveIfError( interest.Append( criteria ) );
// Attach to AIW interest
serviceHandler->AttachL( interest );
// Create AIW param package
TAiwDialDataV1 data;
TAiwDialDataV1Pckg dataPckg( data );
iNameBuffer = aName.Left( iNameBuffer.MaxLength() );
data.SetName( iNameBuffer );
iTelNumber = aNumber.Left( iTelNumber.MaxLength() );
data.SetTelephoneNumber( iTelNumber );
data.SetCallType( aCallType );
data.SetWindowGroup( CCoeEnv::Static()->RootWin().Identifier() );
CAiwGenericParamList& paramList = serviceHandler->InParamListL();
TPtrC8 ptr;
ptr.Set( dataPckg );
TAiwVariant variant( ptr );
TAiwGenericParam param( EGenericParamCallDialDataV1, variant );
paramList.AppendL( param );
// Execute AIW command
serviceHandler->ExecuteServiceCmdL( KAiwCmdCall,
serviceHandler->OutParamListL() );
// destroy criteria, interest, and serviceHandler
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( 3 );



MakeAiwCallL( _L(""), 
_L("Firstname Lastname"),
EAiwVoIPCall );

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