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S60 3rd Edition

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一般来说内存单元是从当前线程堆中分配的,但有时无法这样做,特别当要分配的内存单元很大时。 我们可以生成一个新的堆,从它那里获取我们需要的内存单元,示例如下:

//Try to create a heap in a local chunk. 
//The minimum length of the heap is 10M and the maximum length is 20M
RHeap *pChunkHeap = UserHeap::ChunkHeap(NULL, 10000*1024, 20000*1024);
if (RHeap)
void *mallocBuffer = NULL;
TInt size = 8000*1024; //Try to allocate a 8M memory cell
mallocBuffer = pChunkHeap->Alloc(size);
if (mallocBuffer )
//... Use this memory cell ...
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