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详细描述 下列代码片段演示了如何在程序安装时显示一份免责声明。这至少需要在VoIP程序中出现以便说明要送到Symbian签名。 代码将通过自签名得以执行。

data\disclaimer.txt 下面这个申明示例是Symbian公司为VoIP程序准备的

Code: You are about to use <APPLICATION NAME>, which is developed and owned by <YOUR COMPANY NAME>. The manufacturer of this device shall have no liability for any aspect of the application whatsoever, including its performance, call routing, intellectual property rights or support.PKG文件 要显示申明给用户看的话,只需将下列代码添加在您程序的PKG文件中

Code: "..\data\disclaimer.txt" - "", FILETEXT, TEXTEXITFILETEXT安装选项指名这个文件将要在程序安装时显示给用户。该文件不需要安装在目标手机中(此命令中的目标位置为空)


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