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在访问Smart Message(BIO)数据时有几种不同的方式,大多数信息类型中,信息内容是存放在附件中,我们可以通过新的附件管理示例(CMsvStore)来访问。

某些情况下,内容是存放在CMsvStore流中的,可以通过public stream UID来读取


/** UID for the WAP Push MTM. */
const TUid KUidMtmWapPush = {0x10009158};
/** UID for WAP Push SI messages. */
const TUid KUidWapPushMsgSI = {0x10009159};
/** UID for WAP Push SL messages. */
const TUid KUidWapPushMsgSL = {0x1000915A};
/** UID for WAP Push multipart messages. */
const TUid KUidWapPushMsgMultiPart = {0x1000915B};
/** UID for WAP Push unknown-type messages. */
const TUid KUidWapPushMsgUnknown = {0x1000915C};
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