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2 Viewpoints In Html Code

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Created: r60600 (28 Jun 2010)
Last edited: hamishwillee (20 Jul 2012)

1.Prefer percentage to numerical value

Many elements in HTML page need define width and height,which usually is the numerical value.This will cause a problem that the element displays correctly in mobile with larger size screen,but in smaller screen it will be beyond the display area.To avoid the problem,percentage is recommended,which let the page calculate the fitted size for the current screen of the mobile.But the simple elements,such as text,is unnecessary used as this way.

2.Prefer text to image

Image is more beautiful than text in some cases,but it cost much resource of the mobile even if today the mobile's performance is better than ever.And some user set the browser not displaying images for saving rate,which leads the images won't be loaded.So the user can't operate with this confused screen.In order to code a efficient UI,it had better use texts instead of images especially in the action button,which guarantees the base demand.

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