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5th edition browser control requires MBrCtlSpecialLoadObserver

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S60 5th Edition
Created: Paul.Todd (20 Oct 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (01 Aug 2012)

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In 5th edition the browser control requires that a MBrCtlSpecialLoadObserver be present otherwise the control crashes with a Kern-Exec 3 when prompting for the access point


Using the browser control webkit engine has a number of optional parameter. From 5th edition the MBrCtlSpecialLoadObserver parameter is mandatory. Failing to provide an implementation of this interface will cause the browser control and the hosting application to crash with a Kern-Exec 3.

How to reproduce

Create a browser control but do not provide any observers. Attempt to load a URL The browser control crashes with a Kern Exec 3 The application is then terminated.


Provide a dummy implementation of a class implementing the MBrCtlSpecialLoadObserver interface, even though it does nothing


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