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Created: mayankkedia (12 May 2009)
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The following example shows how to navigate to a chosen contact group view of the native contacts application. The CPbkViewState class can be used to pass parameters the phonebook application when launching the application with the symbian view launching mechanism.

The API was published in S60 1st Edition and has been deprecated in the 5th Edition.

Header file required:

#include <cpbkviewstate.h>

CPbkViewState link against library pbkview.lib so add following line to your .mmp file.

LIBRARY pbkview.lib

Add following lines in .cpp file.

CPbkViewState* pbkViewParam = CPbkViewState::NewLC();
pbkViewParam->SetFocusedContactId(/*Your group id*/);
// Package and return object in a buffer.
HBufC8* paramBuf = pbkViewParam->PackLC();
// Uid for Contacts application
const TUid appUid = {0x101f4cce};
// Activate the view
// 3 is the Contact Group Info View's ID
AppUi()->ActivateViewL(TVwsViewId(appUid, TUid::Uid(0x03)), CPbkViewState::Uid(), *paramBuf);
// Cleanup
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(2); // paramBuf, pbkViewParam

Added by - Mayank on 12/05/2009


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