Animation DLLs require extensive capabilities (Known Issue)

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On S60 3rd Edition and onwards, implementing animation DLLs requires capabilities: PowerMgmt ProtServ ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData.

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Devices(s): All (S60)
CompatibilityPlatform Security
Signing Required: DevCert
Capabilities: PowerMgmt ProtServ ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData
Keywords: CAnim, CSpriteAnim, CWindowAnim
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Animation DLLs (DLLs with targettype ANI and with server-side classes derived from CAnim, CSpriteAnim, or CWindowAnim require extensive capabilities on S60 3rd Edition.

Platform security defines that a DLL must run at the same capability level as the loading process. In case of animation plug-ins, the loading process is the window server (WSERV), so the animation DLL must have (at least) the following capabilities: PowerMgmt ProtServ ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData


Most use cases can be implemented without writing a separate animation DLL.

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