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Created: cyke64 (29 Mar 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (31 May 2013)

When you want to let the user choose a color for a GUI element you need to display colors without annoying the user with technical details about RGB values! This example shows you a way to do it.

Remark : this code is using the easy keyboard handling method.

# Usual code as always
import e32
from appuifw import *
from key_codes import *
class Keyboard(object):
def __init__(self):
self.state = {} # is this key pressing ?
self.buffer= {} # is it waiting to be processed ?
def handle_event(self, event): # for event_callback
code = event['scancode']
if event['type'] == EEventKeyDown:
self.buffer[code]= 1 # put into queue
self.state[code] = 1
elif event['type'] == EEventKeyUp:
self.state[code] = 0
def pressing(self, code): # just check
return self.state.get(code,0)
def pressed(self, code): # check and process the event
if self.buffer.get(code,0):
self.buffer[code] = 0 # take out of queue
return 1
return 0
key = Keyboard()
app.body = canvas = Canvas(event_callback=key.handle_event)
def quit():
global running
running = 0
app.exit_key_handler = quit
running = 1
ff00 = range(0xff, -1, -0x33)
pal = [(r,g,b) for r in ff00 for g in ff00 for b in ff00] # web-safe 216 colors
map_j = range(0,12,2)+range(11,0,-2) # make better grouping
for j in range(12):
for i in range(18):
k = 18*map_j[j] + i
canvas.rectangle([(9*i+1, 9*j+1), (9*i+9, 9*j+9)], None, pal[k])
def clear_box(color=0xffffff):
global x,y
canvas.rectangle([(9*x, 9*y), (9*x+10, 9*y+10)], color) # cursor
x, y = 0, 0
black_white = 0
while running:
if key.pressed(EScancodeLeftArrow):
if x > 0: x -= 1
if key.pressed(EScancodeRightArrow):
if x < 17: x += 1
if key.pressed(EScancodeUpArrow):
if y > 0: y -= 1
if key.pressed(EScancodeDownArrow):
if y < 11: y += 1
if key.pressed(EScancodeSelect):
color = pal[18*map_j[y] + x]
canvas.rectangle([(1,109), (17*9+9,130)], None, color) # show color
black_white ^= 0xffffff # toggle
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