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Archived:A contact list for choosing number(s) in PySymbian

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This PySymbian script shows a contact list class for choosing phone number(s), like the native one when sending SMS.

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Created: okey3m (29 Jul 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (31 May 2013)
import appuifw, contacts
class ContactList:
'show a contact list for choosing phone number'
def __init__(self, sortable = None):
'initialize variables'
self.__db =
self.__contact = []
self.__number = {}
def __load_contact(self, sortable = None):
'load contact list from database'
for id in self.__db:
name = self.__db[id].title
mobile = self.__db[id].find('mobile_number')
phone = self.__db[id].find('phone_number')
number_tmp = []
if mobile:
number_tmp.extend([field.value for field in mobile])
if phone:
number_tmp.extend([field.value for field in phone])
self.__number[name] = number_tmp
if sortable:
def select_single(self):
'return a string contains a single number'
index = appuifw.selection_list(self.__contact, 1)
if index == None:
return None
number_list = self.__number[self.__contact[index]]
if not number_list:
return None
if len(number_list) > 1:
index = appuifw.popup_menu(number_list)
if index == None:
return None
index = 0
return number_list[index]
def select_multi(self):
'return numbers in a list'
index = appuifw.multi_selection_list(self.__contact, 'checkbox', 1)
if not index:
return None
multi_number = []
for i in index:
number_list = self.__number[self.__contact[i]]
if not number_list:
if len(number_list) > 1:
ind = appuifw.popup_menu(number_list)
if ind == None:
ind = 0
if multi_number:
return multi_number
return None
# here is some test
test = ContactList(lambda x, y:cmp(y, x))
print test.select_single()
print test.select_multi()
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