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Archived:Audio progressive playback using Java ME not working without format suffix on Symbian (Known Issue)

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Java Runtime for Symbian supports progressive playback for audio starting from S60 3rd Edition, FP1. By default for progressive playback, the Mobile Media API (MMAPI) implementation depends on the file URL for the Player which is expected to include the name of an audio file together with a format suffix (filename.format): if the format suffix is missing, progressive playback cannot be performed.

How to reproduce

This issue can be reproduced by using two different use cases for audio playback:

  1. Audio playback without format suffix. If a file name without a suffix is given in the file URL, the MMAPI implementation checks whether the given format is supported for audio playback. If supported, an audio file will be first downloaded and buffered in full before starting audio playback, instead of progressive playback. An example of this use case:

    Player p = Manager.createPlayer("");
  2. Audio playback by using a redirect URL. Audio playback failure can be reproduced by using a redirect URL such as follows:

    Player p = Manager.createPlayer("");

The 'getFile' part redirects to the actual file location and attempts to download the audio file from the location. Since neither a file name nor a file name with a format suffix is given for an audio file as part of the file URL, no playback (including progressive playback) can be performed at all.


There is no solution as of now. The fix is expected to be available in an upcoming firmware release.

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