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S60 3rd Edition FP2
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Note.pngNote: :This API is not part of the public SDK. It can be found in the SDK API Plug-in.



The Calendar Exporter API provides functions to export agenda entries to vCalendar data.

Header files

 #include <calsession.h>
#include <calprogresscallback.h>
#include <calentryview.h>
#include <calenexporter.h>
#include <caliterator.h>
#include <f32file.h>
#include <S32FILE.H>
#include <agnexportobserver.h>

Libraries used

 efsrv.lib calinterimapi.lib calenimp.lib estor.lib

Code example

The CCalSession is the interface to the Calendar file. The instantiation of CCalSession will result in a connection to the Calendar Server.

 void CCalendarEventsEngine::ConstructL()
iCalSession = CCalSession::NewL();
//Open the default calendar file
iWaiter =new (ELeave) CActiveSchedulerWait;
// calender exporter

Virtual functions

 // Called during calendar entry view creation
void CCalendarEventsEngine::Progress(TInt aProgress)
// Called on completion of calendar entry view creation
void CCalendarEventsEngine::Completed(TInt aError)
// Returns whether or not progress notification is required
TBool CCalendarEventsEngine::NotifyProgress()
// Progress notification is required
return ETrue;

The following code exports calender entries to a file:

 void CCalendarEventsEngine::ExportEntriesL()
// view class for accessing calendar entries
iCalEntryView = CCalEntryView::NewL(*iCalSession,*this);
// An iterator for iterating though all the entries in the calendar store
CCalIter* calIter = CCalIter::NewL(*iCalSession);
TBuf8<150> iterUID;
// An array of calender entries
RPointerArray<CCalEntry> calEntryArray;
iterUID = calIter->FirstL();
// calender entries file
TInt err = iRWriteStream.Open(iFs,KFile,EFileWrite);
if(err !=KErrNone)
User::LeaveIfError(iRWriteStream.Create(iFs, KFile, EFileWrite));
while (iterUID != KNullDesC8)
// get entries associated with this UID
iCalEntryView->FetchL(iterUID, calEntryArray);
for (TInt k=0; k<calEntryArray.Count();k++)
// get information from this entry
CCalEntry* calEntry = calEntryArray[k];
// export calender entry
iterUID = calIter->NextL();
delete calIter;
delete iCalEntryView;

Sample application

The following sample application is tested in the S60 3rd Edition, FP2 emulator. File:CalenderImpportExport.zip

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