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Only Publisher Partner Program members will be able to submit new theme content to the Nokia Store from 1st July 2013. Carbide.ui is no longer relevent to the community and all its articles have been archived.

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Announcements.pngCarbide.ui plug-in for Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI) (15 Jun 2012): A new plug-in is available for the creation of themes for Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (full touch) phones. The plug-in is available through the plug-in manager feature of Carbide.ui. For more information on the theme capabilities supported by the plug-in, see Carbide.ui plug-in for Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI).

All Symbian device users want to express and personalize themselves. Symbian device users can do that easily with themes, which let them change the on-screen look and feel of their devices. That's why themes are among the most popular content for Symbian phones. Carbide.ui Theme Edition is a tool responsible for creating, editing, managing and packaging themes for all Symbian devices.

New and Improved Carbide.ui Symbian v4.3

The latest version of the theme tool for Symbian devices is now available. Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition 4.3 Via delivers a new UX that has been designed to boost the productivity of theme designers. The UX was created by going back to first principles and rethinking how designers can most efficiently create themes. This has resulted in changes that include:

What's new?

Improved "user experience" and many cool themeing related features are the main focused of this release.


  • Latest Symbian ^3 Plug-ins
  • All new refesh UI for welcome screen.
  • New perspective for efficent space managment.
  • New installer and updator support.
  • Editor (WYSIWYG) with new tool bar buttons.
  • All new component and properties view.
  • Preview tab with meaningful screen grouping.
  • Improved image slection dialog with n-piece support.
  • New "Gradient colour dialog" for graphcis elements.
  • Switch background colour button for better viewing of elements in the tool.
  • Single click Pdf previewing option.
  • Current Eclipse version is 3.6 and Java 6.
  • Backward compatible with all Nokia Developer released plug-ins.

Explore and download Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition 4.3


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