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Archived:Carbide.ui plug-in for Nokia Belle

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Only Publisher Partner Program members will be able to submit new theme content to the Nokia Store from 1st July 2013. Carbide.ui is no longer relevent to the community and all its articles have been archived.

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Nokia Belle
Created: rebloor (23 Dec 2011)
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This article contains information about the Carbide.ui plug-in for Nokia Belle.



The Carbide.ui Nokia Belle plug-in enables theme for Nokia Belle phones to be created.

Version 1.6

Released: December 2011

New elements available

The following list icons and indicators have been added in this release:

  • qgn_prop_log_calls_sub
  • qgn_prop_log_in_sub
  • qgn_prop_log_out_sub
  • qgn_prop_log_missed_sub
  • qgn_prop_log_timer_call_last
  • qgn_prop_log_timer_call_out
  • qgn_prop_log_timer_call_in
  • qgn_prop_log_timer_call_all
  • qgn_prop_fmgr_ms_sub
  • qgn_prop_fmgr_mmc_sub
  • qgn_prop_fmgr_mmc_no_sub
  • qgn_prop_cmon_conn_active
  • qgn_indi_dialer_logs - default image is not proper.
  • qgn_prop_set_accessory_sub
  • qgn_prop_cp_dev_disp
  • qgn_prop_cp_perso_lang
  • qgn_prop_cp_tele_speed
  • qgn_prop_set_datim_sub
  • qgn_prop_set_call_sub
  • qgn_prop_set_div_sub
  • qgn_prop_set_barr_sub
  • qgn_prop_cp_inst_files
  • qgn_prop_cp_inst_installs
  • qgn_prop_cp_inst_settings
  • qgn_prop_log_calls_sub
  • qgn_prop_set_video_sharing
  • qgn_prop_cp_dev_vc
  • qgn_prop_psln_cimage_sub
  • qgn_prop_psln_general_sub
  • qgn_prop_psln_ssaver_sub
  • qgn_indi_cmail_folders_desc
  • qgn_indi_cmail_folders_asc

Default icons updated for all the above icons.

Known issues

The following elements are available in the plug-in but do not work on phones (may be fixed in future firmware updates):

  • Speech list icon
  • call mailbox
  • Data counter and inside two icons.
  • Bluetooth

Other known issues are the same as those for the 1.5 version of the plug-in.

Version 1.5

Released: October 2011

Known Issues

Theming isn't supported for the following icons and graphics:

  • Widgets in the Home screen application.
  • Clock application – new alarm and cancel button
  • Email application - inbox, drafts, sent, outbox, deleted items etc. icons
  • Messaging application - new message, find and exit icons
  • Message reader application – main pane icons.
  • Radio application - previous, next, and scan stations icons
  • Camera application - control pane icons in play slide show screen.
  • Software update application - middle control pane icon in start update screen.
  • Contact application:
    • Create my card, add to favourites and General contact graphics
    • Small icons in "New contacts" screen and also in "Add details" screen
  • Settings-
    • Speech icon in phone settings.
    • Download themes icon in themes general settings.
    • Play via radio icon in connectivity screen.
    • Notifications icon in notification apps
  • Music Player screen -
    • Next, play, pause, previous, shuffle, repeat in now playing screen.
    • Unknown/default and shuffle icons in Albums screen.

Theming not supported for all icons andgraphics in the following applications:

  • Browser application.
  • Maps application.
  • Video editor application.
  • Photo editor application.
  • Small icons used in My Nokia application.
  • Camera application.
  • Voice recorder application.

Other issues

  • Panel settings background graphic will get skinned only after device reboot.
  • Icons/Graphics in folder screen of messaging application will get skinned only after the phone is rebooted.
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