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Archived:Carbide.ui plug-in for Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI)

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Only Publisher Partner Program members will be able to submit new theme content to the Nokia Store from 1st July 2013. Carbide.ui is no longer relevent to the community and all its articles have been archived.

This article describes the features and use of the Carbide.ui plug-in for Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI).

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The Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI) theme plug-in for Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition provides features that enable the creation of themes for full touch Series 40 phones, such as the Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306 and Nokia Asha 311.

Installing the plug-in

The Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI) plug-in is added to Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition using the Plug-in Manager; you can access the Plug-in Manager on the Carbide.ui toolbar. For more details see How to install theme plug-ins to Carbide.ui.

Creating themes with the plug-in

To create themes with the plug-in use the following methods:

  • Create new theme using the Theme Template Selector, then choose Full Touch from the drop down.
  • Create new theme using the Phone selector, then select a Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI) phone. See the article How to update the supported phones list in Carbide.ui for instructions on how to update the phone list.
  • Create a new theme, once created select Full Touch -v1.0.0 from the platform drop down, as shown below:

Carbide.ui platform drop down.png

Nokia Store publication

Within Nokia Store, there is a new catalogue available for Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 to publish themes for Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306, and Nokia Asha 311.

Known issues

  • The following text colours aren't themed on the phones, they are just dummy ids for display purposes:
    • Dialer.
    • Search Box.
    • Text Highlight.
    • Virtual Keyboard.
    • Notification wave.
    • Hyperlinks screens.
  • For the Notification wave image: To maintain the transparency in the image, please use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • None of the menu icons can be skinned.
  • Startup and shutdown graphics and tones cannot be skinned.

Only elements that can be selected in Carbide.ui tool can be skinned.


If you have any issues with installation of the plug-in, please contact

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