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This competition completed in 2008. The content created may still be relevant, but this competition page itself is not.

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Created: sellis (12 Mar 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (28 Jun 2012)

Code Example Challenge Produced Great Code for the Community


The contest invited more than 50 developers around the globe to submit nearly 300 code examples and applications to the Nokia Developer Wiki. The Challenge provided a great amount of new and exciting code snippets that other developers can utilize for their innovative and creative applications.

The winners are:

Overall Winner and Location Based Services (LBS): Den Grigorenko (Den123 ) from Russia won for his 23 carefully documented articles and five applications with source code. Because Den's articles focused mainly on location-aware applications, he also won the first place in the LBS category. Den's high-quality Symbian C++ applications include, for example, GPS Compass, distance presenter, and speedometer. More articles by Den >>

Flash Lite: There were so many excellent entries that the judges decided to award two first prizes: to Faisal Iqbal (chall3ng3r ) from Pakistan for the Oxygen developer’s kit and Hayden Porter (hp3 ) from the United States for the full-blown tutorial on how to build reusable components in Flash Lite.

Web Runtime (WRT): Dou Yongwang (dougcn ) from China is awarded the prize for a series of well-documented examples on Archived:Use prototype JavaScript library in Symbian Web Runtime to create nice widgets, using, e.g. accordion.

In addition, a special prize, Nokia 6220 Classic Device, is given to:

Alessandro La Rosa (jappit ) from Italy, who created over 20 articles and working sample applications written in Java ME, including a MIDlet utilizing Google Maps. More articles by Alessandro >>

Raheal Akhtar (raheal_akh ) from the United Arab Emirates, who created a number of nice Flash Lite applications, for example, a How to create a Flash Lite weather application using Web services. More articles by Raheal >>

David Caabeiro (david.caabeiro ) from Spain, who developed an advanced solution for an MPEG decoder in Java ME application written in the Java programming language. More articles by David >>

Gerald Madlmayr (geri-m ) from Austria, who created a number of practical Near Field Communication (NFC) code snippets including an example on how to use PushRegistry together with RFID tags. More articles by Gerald >>

Felipe Andrade (felipebzr ) from Brazil, who provided useful implementations on How to connect Flash Lite and Java ME or Python components. More articles by Felipe >>

Olympio Cipriano (olympio ) from Brazil, who produced very well-written and educative code articles and applications, for example, a series of Symbian client-server framework articles. He also wrote a very illustrative tutorial on using Carbide UI Designer for creating a simple S60 view application. More articles by Olympio >>

Besides the Code Challenge winners, a few individuals were recognized and rewarded separately already during the competition for their valuable and rich contributions with Wiki Contributor Of the Month nominations, namely bogdan.galiceanu , Kandyfloss , and Raulherbster .

Nokia Developer would like to thank, on behalf of the whole developer community, all the winners mentioned above, and note that due to the extensive amount of high-quality entries there are also many more valued contributors rewarded with smaller gifts. Besides occasional specific competitions, recognition and rewarding of exemplary actions for the benefit of the community will continue - in the format of Wiki Contributor of the Month (COM) and Discussion Boards Poster of the Month (POM), as well as in the format of Wiki Articles of the Month or Week. Furthermore, such model activity plays a key role when electing and re-electing Nokia Developer Champions.

The results of the competition really showed the commitment and value that Nokia Developer Global Community brings to the whole mobile ecosystem - and further endorsed Nokia Developer Wiki as the primary place for developer-contributed mobile development resources. Keep up the good work!

Congratulate the winners


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