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Archived:Configuring an editor for syntax highlighting

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This topic describes how to configuring the EditPlus, UltraEdit, or Emacs editor software to support WidSets Scripting Language syntax.

EditPlus Configuration

Copy the helium_highlight_editplus.stx and helium_highlight_editplus.acp files from the WidSets SDK’s \docs folder to the main folder of EditPlus ( \Program Files\EditPlus 2\).

Run EditPlus and select Preferences from the program’s Tools menu.


1. Select Files > Settings & syntax from the Categories list in the Preferences dialog.

2. Click the Add button and fill in the form as illustrated:

Editplus preferences.JPG

3.You can also change the syntax colors and set other setting parameters as you wish.

4. Click Apply and return to the editing space. Support for WSL code files is now enabled.

UltraEdit configuration

To configure UltraEdit to support WidSets Scripting Language syntax:

1. Open Advanced > Configuration > Syntax Hightlighting dialog.

2. Click Open to start editing the syntax highlight configuration file.


3. Click OK in the Configuration dialog to close it.

4. Open helium_highlight_ultraedit.txt from the WidSets SDK's /docs directory.

5. Make a copy of your existing wordfile.txt. Normally it is located in C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit-32.

6. Scroll to the end of the file and search backwards for "/L", which is the starting mark of syntax highlight definition.

7. If the sequence number in your UltraEdit differs from number 10, you need to change the helium_highlight_ultraedit.txt file so that it will be the next number. If there are definitions with the same numbers or there are "empty numbers"” in between, syntax highlighting will not work.

8. When sequence numbers are OK, just copy all (Control-A) from helium_highlight_ultraedit.txt and paste (Control-V) it at the end of your wordfile.txt. Save the file (Control-S) and you are done. Now when you edit WSL(.he-prefixed) files, the syntax should be highlighted.

Emacs configuration

The Java-mode of Emacs provides rudimentary syntax highlighting for WidSets Scripting Language. Add the following line to your Emacs configuration file (usually .emacs) to use Java-mode for Helium script files:

 (setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.he$" . java-mode) auto-mode-alist))
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