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Archived:Create a moving ball controlled by a motion sensor using Flash Lite

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We do not recommend Flash Lite development on current Nokia devices, and all Flash Lite articles on this wiki have been archived. Flash Lite has been removed from all Nokia Asha and recent Series 40 devices and has limited support on Symbian. Specific information for Nokia Belle is available in Flash Lite on Nokia Browser for Symbian. Specific information for OLD Series 40 and Symbian devices is available in the Flash Lite Developers Library.

This Flash Lite code example demonstrates how to create a moving ball using the Motion Sensor (Accelerometer) provided by the S60 Platform API in Category:S60 5th Edition devices.

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Code Example
Installation file: Motion_Sensor_Ball_PS.swf
Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Platform(s): S60 5th Edition
Keywords: Service.Sensor, Platform Services, Accelerometer
Created: sajisoft (01 Aug 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (14 May 2013)



Just create a new flash file (mobile) having resolution 360x640 and flash lite 3 in publish settings. Create 2 layers one having action scripts and one having a movie clip (which have to move) named "ball_mc" .


Put this on the first frame of the action script :

_global.X = 0;  
_global.Y = 0;
var sensors = new Service("Service.Sensor", "ISensor");
fscommand2("DisableKeypadCompatibilityMode"); //It Disables the Virtual Keypad
fscommand2("FullScreen", true );
var inParam = {SearchCriterion:"AccelerometerAxis"}; // It Is Used For Searching XYZ axis data
var outParams = sensors.FindSensorChannel(inParam);
var channelInfo = outParams.ReturnValue;
var channelId = channelInfo[0].ChannelId;
var contextType = channelInfo[0].ContextType;
var quantity = channelInfo[0].Quantity;
var channelType = channelInfo[0].ChannelType;
var location = channelInfo[0].Location;
var vendorId = channelInfo[0].VendorId;
var dataItemSize = channelInfo[0].DataItemSize;
var channelDataTypeId = channelInfo[0].ChannelDataTypeId;
var channelInfo = {ChannelId:channelId, ContextType:contextType, Quantity:quantity, ChannelType:channelType, Location:location, VendorId:vendorId, DataItemSize:dataItemSize, ChannelDataTypeId:channelDataTypeId};
var inParams = {ListeningType:"ChannelData", ChannelInfoMap:channelInfo};
sensors.RegisterForNotification(inParams, callBack);
function callBack(transactionID:String, eventID:String, outParam:Object) {
if (outParam.ErrorCode == 0) {
var channelData = outParam.ReturnValue;
_global.X = channelData.XAxisData; //Retrieved X Axis Data
_global.Y = channelData.YAxisData; // Retrieved Y Axis Data
_global.X = _global.X/4;
_global.Y = _global.Y/4; // just divide the retrieved values with some constant to make motion sensor less sensitive.
} else {
var errorId = outParam.ErrorCode;
txt.text = "Error: "+errorId;

and on the second frame, write this code :

fscommand2("FullScreen", true);
_global.speed = 5;
onEnterFrame = function():Void{;
//Calculate the respective constant acceleration.;
if(_global.X>0)acelX = -1;
else acelX = 1;
if(_global.Y<0)acelY = -1;
else acelY = 1;
posX = Math.abs(_global.X/4) * acelX * _global.speed;
posY = Math.abs(_global.Y/4) * acelY * _global.speed;
wallColl(_root.ball_mc._x, _root.ball_mc._y); //This Function Checks for Boundry Walls
moveBall(posX, posY); //This Function Moves the ball
function wallColl(posX:Number, posY:Number):Void {
// All the values like 15, 620, 350 are arbitrary .For creating a game, u have to put
// walls and to detect collision with wall u can use hitTest
if (posY<=15) {
ball_mc._y = 15;
if (posY>=620) {
ball_mc._y = 620;
if (posX<=15) {
ball_mc._x = 15;
if (posX>=350) {
ball_mc._x = 350;
function moveBall(posX:Number, posY:Number):Void {
_root.ball_mc._x += posX;
_root.ball_mc._y += posY;


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