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Platform(s): Series 80 2nd Edition, S60 1st Edition, S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 1, Feature Pack 2, Feature Pack 3, S60 3rd Edition
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Re-installing an MTM: file in use error.


On S60 and Series 80 platforms there may be problems when re-installing an existing MTM. This concerns only MTM installations that try to handle uninstalling manually after the same MTM has recently been used.
The actual problem arises from a resource file being locked as "in use" even after the MTM group is unregistered. This is usually due to the SendAs capability of other applications running on the device. The applications may have the MTM stored in their list of supported MTMs and thus keep the files locked. This problem should be overcome by removing the MTMs sending capability (KUidMtmQueryCanSendMsg), thus having it be removed by all SendAs clients - and by closing the messaging centre application before uninstalling the MTM.
This problem can be encountered on all S60 platforms, including S60 3rd Edition, and on Series 80 2nd Edition.

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