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Archived.pngArchived: This article is archived because it is not considered relevant for third-party developers creating commercial solutions today. If you think this article is still relevant, let us know by adding the template {{ReviewForRemovalFromArchive|user=~~~~|write your reason here}}.

We do not recommend Flash Lite development on current Nokia devices, and all Flash Lite articles on this wiki have been archived. Flash Lite has been removed from all Nokia Asha and recent Series 40 devices and has limited support on Symbian. Specific information for Nokia Belle is available in Flash Lite on Nokia Browser for Symbian. Specific information for OLD Series 40 and Symbian devices is available in the Flash Lite Developers Library.

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Created: sellis (24 Apr 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (14 May 2013)

Open Questions from the Nokia/Adobe Webinar of Late Spring 2008.

We ran out of time to finish the Q&A after the session. Posted here to a range of people from Nokia Developer. Hopefully Adobe and others can pitch in if there is more to add.

  • Steve Ellis - Technology Marketing, Nokia Developer
  • Hartti Suomela - Leading Nokia Developer Communities
  • Riku Salminen - Senior Consultant - Nokia Developer

  1. ian morton: The presentation seemed very marketing oriented, would be nice to have some tech ones - Steve: agreed the presentation was delivered from a marketing viewpoint. We will make sure more technical content will be in future Flash Lite presentations.
  2. samy elbaz 2: The Nokia N810 comes in with the Flash 9.0 which makes it AS 3 compatible. Will Nokia or Adobe provide best practise AS3 development recommendations for this specific device? Steve: I am not aware of any plans at the moment to create N810 guideliens - essentially there is no Delta from the desktop version.
  3. Marc Alloul: Bill: unfortunately your Audio are cutting frequently :-(
  4. Rob Toole: Can swf content be reliably embeded inside Nokia WRT widgets? Riku: Yes, for a given value of "reliable" please see: this article
  5. Alexandros Kassios: When will the first Flash Lite 3 nokia cellphones come into market? - Hartti: The first devices are already on market, like N95 & N82 models through firmware updates
  6. Paul Lamonby: As future 'real world' users of these new features, I feel it would be beneficial for all parties to get developers involved from an early stage.Steve: we are actively looking for FL content Developers to get involved in our Champions program - and through that be represented on our Developer Advisory Council."
  7. raz malchi: how can one avoid the flash default launcher when starting an application? Steve: Embed content in the web page published as Flash Lite. Lauch swf directly (possible through WRT).
  8. Eike Dehde: Will Nokia provide some new device form factors like Chumby as a kind of wifi picture frame with telephony support? - Hartti: Roadmap information is not available. Device-specific information is available after the device has been announced.
  9. Christopher Caleb: What about installing SWF's as standalone applications on series 40 devices? Is that being addressed? It would be nice if we could wrap the SWF and any resources up somehow. - Hartti: You can install swf files on Series 40 devices already as standalone applications and that has been available since day one.
  10. Hayden Porter: Does Nokia have plans to release Flash Lite capable devices for North American CDMA networks such as Sprint?
  11. Hayden Porter: It would be helpful to have a document giving developers advice on how design Flash lite experiences for both touch screen interfaces and backwards compatible to keypress interfaces. Steve - agreed, and any input on required documentation is welcome.
  12. Paul Lamonby: New distribution models sound great. Are you opening these up to developers as Beta and if so can we apply for this? Steve - Not able to discuss - but we are all aware of the problem.
  13. Greg Hunt: Also would it be possible to run a flash application from startup, using forexample qstart Riku: In S60, launching (native) applications at device startup can be done using Startup List Management (Read SDK docs for more info). So, you can write a small native launcher that does this during startup. Note that this launcher must be signed with a trusted certificate, self-signing is not enough.
  14. Frank Geldof: text
  15. Parag Shekatkar: Especially mobile gaming from an "outside the browser" perspective?
  16. JOYDEV MONDOL: What is the Flash Lite compatibility with platforms other than s60 like Win CE?
  17. Eike Dehde: Do you plan to support some offline mode like AIR at the desktop? Riku: The Flash Lite standalone player is doing exactly that. There's no forced network connection
  18. Tim Shear: Are adobe device central - device profile updates be in sync with nokia firmware updates Steve: This is an issue we are working on.
  19. albert cumplido: In which way are you working for improving security issues: SSL, .... ?
  20. Andres Ibanez: Do you know if is it possible to woirk with little databases inside user´s phone and get an connection througt Internet with others DB too? Steve: Perhaps Mobile Web Server could be the answer? See
  21. Daniel Koolman: Will Nokia be releasing a SIS wrapper for installing Flash Lite Application on Nokia S60 devices? Steve: This is a problem we are aware of. Packaging is an issue we want to offer some simple solutions for.
  22. Parag Shekatkar: How significant is this for the game developers?
  23. ian morton: Which area are small developers making most money from at the moment? Steve: facts and figures are hard to come by. Perhaps Adobe can provide hard numbers
  24. William Gregoire: Problem is, right now, provider sell per kbit internet browsing or limit to website they have contract with (google, ebay, ...) , does Nokia plan to make some 'pressure' to these providers ?
  25. Alexandros Kassios: Hello from Greece. will Flex developing integrate with Flash Lite in the future? (Alex)
  26. Alessandro Pace: will Flash Lite animated ringtones content supported in the future Nokia devices? Steve: Good question - no answer from me - impossible to talk about any future product features.
  27. Rich Hauck: Are Nokia and Adobe working together in regards to upcoming touch-screen S60 devices?
  28. Venkat Kalakkad: Would Flashlite dev tools be integrated with carbide dev tools? Steve: Unlikely.
  29. Hayden Porter: How do Flash Lite developers bring content to the OVI download service? Steve: Download! is being developed and streamlined. Nokia Developer will be publishing info as soon as we are able.
  30. Eike Dehde: What type of DRM support do you plan to provide within Flash lite inside Nokia devices? On top of OMA DRM and MS Steve: None at present.
  31. Marc Alloul: Hello, thank you very much for your time and very nice presentation. Question for Nokia. Can you share your strategy and early results with respect to commercial deployment ? given your relation with Mobile Carrier what do you see as the best path to monetize content.
  32. Andres Ibanez: Hi Bill, could I ask you a technical question about FL3?
  33. JOYDEV MONDOL: Is there any IDE fro developing Flash Lite applications? - Hartti: Adobe Flash Professional CS3 and 8 (for non-Flash Lite 3.0 content)
  34. Raj Singh: Would Flash 8 games work on mobile? Can I use the touch-screen to re-create the mouse interactions in a Flash 8 game on the desktop? - Hartti: You need to re-think the UI logic to allow keypad based interaction and you can only use functionality available on Flash Lite
  35. JOYDEV MONDOL: What did u meant by opening up more device capabilities? Is it opening up unexposed device capabilities that are actually built-in in certain s60 devices? like Accelerometer in N95... Steve: Cannot discuss specifics. When, what, and where will be announced when we are able. Sorry.
  36. Brad Nicholas: will flashlite be available on TrollTech / Qt based devices? Steve: see above. Sorry.
  37. ian morton: What Flex facilities in Flash Lite?
  38. Raj Singh: Is Flash Lite more of a runtime, or can you actually encode to Flash Lite and if so, would Flash Lite actually play in Flash on the desktop? - Hartti: Flash Lite applications do not support all desktop Flash functionality and there are some Flash Lite specific features which the desktop Flash do not support. Steve: Flash Lite on web pages does play back on desktop browsers
  39. Raj Singh: You also mention that Flash Lite 3 supports FLV, what if the Flash Player is Flash 9? - Hartti: Flash 9 (for desktops) contains support for FLV
  40. Graeme Tuffnell: On a desktop, you need to click on the flashplayer to make the screen active. How does that work on the phone? Steve: With Flash Lite embedded in a web page, you need to move the cursor and click to make it active.
  41. Bobby Rafferty: Is there any significant difference for developing for the browser than the standalone player. Steve: technically there is not much difference. Some navigation issues. Packaging/distribution is removed as a hurdle. Security sandbox could be. Content is only available online.
  42. Felix Garcia Lainez: I mean in the browser, because integrate FlashLite 3.0 in Nokia N95 will be as easy as install the player...
  43. Raj Singh: You said Flash Lite 3 supports Flash 8, does that mean I have to re-encode my Flash 8 projects to Flash Lite 3 or will it just work?
  44. Greg Hunt: Is it possible to embed flash content within our own (c++) applications? Riku: This should be possible through document handler - running the swf embedded.
  45. Barbara Margolius: Will ActionScript 3 become available for FlashLite?
  46. Fredrik Davidsson: Like the camera.
  47. Felix Garcia Lainez: How can be integrated FlashLite 3.0 in Nokia N95? Riku: Flash Lite 3.0 is included in the latest firmware update
  48. Paul Lamonby: When will Series 40 start to support Flash Lite in the browser? We need these devices to convince content providers that there is a big enough percentage of handsets that can support Flash Lite applications. Steve: sorry - not able to commnet on future product or platform support.
  49. Fredrik Davidsson: Can I access HW through Flash lite? Steve: Using middleware.
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