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Archived:Getting started with game programming on PySymbian

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Created: anees042 (21 Oct 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (08 May 2013)

This example shows how to do the basic key handling, how to draw graphics to screen,, how to move a graphic with the help of keypad, and how to clear the screen.


# __author__='Fayyaz Ali'
# version = '1.0 beta'
# filename=''
# license='GNU GPL'
# import the required modules
import e32, appuifw, key_codes, graphics
# define the exit function
def quit():app_lock.signal()
# make the screen large'large'
global x,y
x = 110
y = 160
# this method is for handling the redraw event of canvas
def handle_redraw(rect):
# this method is called when the ok button is pressed
def press_select():
# this method is called when the right button is pressed
def press_right():
global x
# this method is called when the left button is pressed
def press_left():
global x
# this method is called when the up button is pressed
def press_up():
global y
# this method is called when the down button is pressed
def press_down():
global y
def update():
# clear img
# open an image"e:\\Images\\area.png")
# resize the image
img2 = img1.resize((20,20))
# copy the img1 to img
img.blit(img2, (0,0), (x, y))
# create an empty image according to the resolution of the phone,320))
# create an object of the Canvas
# bind the canvas with keys, so that it can listen to
# key presses of those keys and do some actions on each key
# we are passing two parameters to the bind method of canvas class.
# The first is the key code to which we want our application to
# listen to events. And the second is handler for the event.
canvas.bind(key_codes.EKeySelect, press_select)
canvas.bind(key_codes.EKeyDownArrow, press_down)
canvas.bind(key_codes.EKeyUpArrow, press_up)
canvas.bind(key_codes.EKeyRightArrow, press_right)
canvas.bind(key_codes.EKeyLeftArrow, press_left)
# set the application body to canvas
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