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Created: Rafael T. (23 Oct 2008)
Last edited: lpvalente (05 May 2013)

This example shows how to solve quadratic equations using PySymbian.

Example Code

#(c) Rafael Tavares 2008
import appuifw
from math import sqrt
op = 1
while (op!=2):
a = float(appuifw.query(u"A:", "text"))
b = float(appuifw.query(u"B:", "text"))
c = float(appuifw.query(u"C:", "text"))
#The equation answer is not a real number
if (delta<0):
appuifw.note(u"Equation answers are not real numbers", "error")
#The equation is possible
continueoption=appuifw.popup_menu([u"Delta= "+u"%.0f" % (delta), u"x'= "+u"%.1f" % (x1), u"x''= "+u"%.1f" % (x2), u"Quit"])
if (continueoption==3): # Quit selected
op = 2

This article was written by Rafael T.

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