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On S60 3rd Edition the list-box is fully skinned, and the list-box item background is actually an image that is stitched together by nine small images (four edges, four corners and the central image). Every part is identified by an ID like the KAknsIIDQsnFrListCenter. You can find the definition of the IDs in the system header file AknsConstants.h.

The following code shows how to override the skin image for list-box highlighted item background (central part) by a self-created bitmap.

void CTdjgmcqeListBox::ConstructL( 
const TRect& aRect,
const CCoeControl* aParent,
MEikCommandObserver* aCommandObserver )
_LIT(KMbmFile, "z:\\resource\\apps\\Tdjgmcqe.mbm"); // not good to use a hard-coded path, but anyway this is just a sample code.
MAknsSkinInstance* skin = AknsUtils::SkinInstance();
CAknsItemData* item = skin->GetCachedItemData(KAknsIIDQsnFrListCenter);
item = skin->CreateUncachedItemDataL(KAknsIIDQsnFrListCenter);
CAknsItemDef* def = AknsUtils::CreateMaskedBitmapItemDefL(KAknsIIDQsnFrListCenter, KMbmFile, EMbmTdjgmcqeListboxitemhightlightcenter, EMbmTdjgmcqeListboxitemhightlightcentermask);
// change the highlighted item text color


Source code

Full example (you should change the hard-coded mbm path in order to run it on target):




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