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Qt Quick should be used for all UI development on mobile devices. The approach described in this article (based on QWidget) is deprecated.

In this article we will create three button widgets with QPushButton and display two of them in Normal and Maximum size. QWidget::showNormal () slot is used to restores the widget after it has been maximized or minimized and QWidget::showMinimized () is used to shows the widget minimized. The third button Exit calls quit() slot to exit out from the application.

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Devices(s): Emulator
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition, S60 5th Edition
Keywords: QVBoxLayout,QHBoxLayout
Created: james1980 (28 Dec 2008)
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#include <QApplication>
#include <QPushButton>
#include <QVBoxLayout>
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
QApplication app(argc, argv);
// win is the top level widget
QWidget win;
QVBoxLayout* layout = new QVBoxLayout(&win);
// This button show the top level widget in a normal size
QPushButton* normalSizeButton = new QPushButton("Normal size");
QObject::connect(normalSizeButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), &win, SLOT(showNormal()));
// This button maximize the widget size
QPushButton* maximzeButton = new QPushButton("Maximize");
QObject::connect(maximzeButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), &win, SLOT(showMaximized()));
// This button exit the application
QPushButton* exitButton = new QPushButton("Exit");
QObject::connect(exitButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), &app, SLOT(quit()));
win.show(); // show the top level widget
return app.exec(); // start the event loop

Output after clicking on Normal Size


Output after clicking on maximize


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