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Archived:How to edit an image in PySymbian

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Devices(s): Nokia N96
Keywords: graphics, image
Created: bogdan.galiceanu (28 Mar 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (31 May 2013)


This article describes how to manipulate images in PySymbian.

Code snippet

import appuifw, e32
from graphics import *
#Define the exit function:
def quit():app_lock.signal()
#We open the image"C:\\i.jpg")
#We can see its current size
print img.size
#Now we resize it:
img=img.resize((240,240), keepaspect=0)
#The target size is a tuple containing the new dimensions in pixles
#keepaspect is optional. If 1, the image's current aspect ratio is maintained
#The image can also be transposed (here we rotate it by 90 degrees)
#Other ways of transposing are:
#Note that rotations are counterclockwise
#Finally, we save the new image"C:\\i2.jpg", quality=100)
#Tell the application not to close until the user tells it to:


Here is the result for the example above:

InitialImg.jpg          FinalImg.jpg

The initial image                                                                                                               The resulting image

See also: How to add a text to an image

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