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This depends on API plugin plugin that isn't relevant for current versions of Symbian.

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This article explains how to get and set the time period for scanning WLAN networks using definitions from the CommsDat WLAN API (wlancdbcols.h).

Note.pngNote: This API is not part of the public SDK. It can be found in the SDK API Plug-in.


 CCommsDatabase* iDb = CCommsDatabase::NewL();
// Open user settings
CCommsDbTableView* iDbtable =
iDb->OpenViewMatchingUintLC( TPtrC(WLAN_DEVICE_SETTINGS),
KWlanUserSettings );
// Sets scan interval to 1 minute
iDbtable->WriteUintL(TPtrC( WLAN_BG_SCAN_INTERVAL ), 60);
User::LeaveIfError( iDbtable->PutRecordChanges() );
// iScanNetworks gives the Scan interval which is set in seconds
// (in this case it returns 60)
TUint32 iScanNetworks;
iDbtable->ReadUintL(TPtrC( WLAN_BG_SCAN_INTERVAL ), iScanNetworks);

As a special case, the WLAN scan can also be disabled. See Disabling WLAN scan using Symbian C++ for details how to do this programmatically.

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