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Archived:Image resources may not be created when importing a Symbian project into IDE (Known Issue)

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When importing a Symbian application project into an IDE (such as Metrowerks CodeWarrior or Microsoft Visual Studio) and trying to build it, bitmap resources may not be created.


On S60 3rd Edition, multi-image files (.mbm or .mif) and the corresponding image header files (.mbg) are created using the mifconv image conversion utility, invoked from an extension makefile in bld.inf. This method is also supported in S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 3.
These extension makefiles are not run when building the project from an IDE, and therefore the image files and headers are not created automatically during the build process. Usually, this means that the compilation fails because of the missing .mbg header file(s).


The image resources will be created when using the abld command. Open a command prompt and go to the \group directory of your project. Type in the following commands:

bldmake bldfiles
abld resource

After this the project can be imported into an IDE and built as usual. Note that this process has to be repeated if there are changes to the bitmap resources (source bitmaps or SVG images).

Note that the Carbide.c++ IDE v1.3 and newer can import projects from Symbian bld.inf files and also process the extension makefiles to create image resources automatically.

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