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The RGB values of the pixels in a JPG image on Series 40 3rd Edition devices may be altered from the values in the original images.

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Devices(s): Nokia 5300, Nokia 6270
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The RGB values of the pixels may be altered to differ from the values in the original images. For example, when you load an image which has only one color: RGB 255,254,128 and the RGB values from the image object are read after loading it in the MIDlet, they have been altered to 255,255,109. The problem is only limited to JPG images, the problem does not occur in PNG images.

How to reproduce

The following code sample should print "ARGB:255,255,254,128" but prints "ARGB:255,255,255,109":

img= Image.createImage("/yellow.jpg");
in>t[] srcpixels=new int[1];
img.getRGB(srcpixels, 0,1,0,0,1,1);
System.out.println("ARGB:"+((srcpixels[0] >> 24) & 0xFF) + "," + ((srcpixels[0] >> 16) & 0xFF)+ "," + ((srcpixels[0] >> 8) & 0xFF) + "," + ((srcpixels[0] >> 0) & 0xFF));
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