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Archived:Join to connect event in Finland, 2007

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Nokia NFC Developer event

Monday 29th October 2007 Nokia Headquarters, Espoo, Finland


Is there more professional looking device coming out?
We never comment future products, but Nokia sees potential for NFC technology to become more commonplace in the future. So, stay tuned!

Who owns the secret keys on production phones?
By default the initial secret keys are provided by Nokia. Nokia is using a Trusted Service Manager to maintain the keys and to provide OTA services. Based on commercial orders Nokia produces the phones with specific issuer keys for that order entity which is normally the operator.

What if more than one service provider would like to use Mifare area?
This works exactly as a regular plastic Mifare card would work. In case there is infrastructure utilizing Mifare Application Directory (MAD), this would serve for multiple applications. In real life, a lot of the infrastructures are not making use of MAD. In these infrastructures the approach typically is quite simple: There is one application only from one service provider.

Does your MIDlets have to be signed to use NFC features?
The access to internal Secure Element requires the MIDlets to be "3rd party" signed. Other NFC features do not require signed MIDlets.

How do I get a 3rd party Certificate?
Information on 3rd party Certificate and Signing in Nokia Developer Wiki articles "Application Signing" and "Java Security Domains"

More information about subject is also available Nokia Developer's MIDP 2.0: Signed MIDlet Developer's Guide

How will Nokia Developer help in corporate environment?
Nokia Developer has dedicated programs - Zones to cater to developers in specific segments. For the corporate environment we designed the Enterprise Zone to offer services and go-to-market opportunities for the enterprise developer.
More info on Enterprise Zone
More info on Enterprise channels

Is there a SDK for other operation systems than Windows XP?
Currently the supported platform for running the SDK is Windows XP.

What to do if one finds a bug in the SDK?
Detailed information can be found in the technical discussion forum, where you could also put your findings and comments. We are constantly reviewing the pages and take the input from there. You can also give feedback and report issues in here

Can I write to tag when MIDlet is started by push registry or can I get UID?
This is not possible right now. We are investigating if this can be fixed but do not have timing for it yet.

Is it possible to update MIDlet remotely?
Normal update link in .jad file works fine. More documentation on development is available on Nokia Developer pages.

Is it possible to update Nokia 6131 NFC firmware via Nokia Software Updater?
Nokia 6131 NFC software is not available through Nokia Software Updater. Nokia 6131 NFC software can be updated in Nokia Service Points. You can find the closest Service Point through Nokia web pages under your local Get support and software pages.

Is it possible to read a tag with the MIDlet when the phone cover is closed?
Yes, while MIDlet is running, tag reading is always on.

Phone hangs if no GPRS connection available when opening a HTTP connection in MIDlet? method blocks until connection is opened or canceled and if method is called in main thread your MIDlet will hang for that time. You should always use separate thread for your connection opening as well as for data transfer.

What is the best profile for minimum power consumption?
Same basic rules about power consumption apply to 6131 NFC than any non-NFC phone. For example you could dim the background light and turn off Bluetooth module.
More information about subject is available on Nokia Developer - Power Management Section

P2P connection is quite slow, why?
NFC Peer-to-Peer mode allows data connection for up to 424 kBit/sec. It is not designed to transfer large files. For transferring large amounts of data you could use NFC to pair Bluetooth modules.

Will we have UICC phones
Nokia is committed to the standards that develop over time.

What about Secure Element itself, will e.g. JRS-177 be supported?
We cannot comment on future device implementations.

Will JSR-257 implemented in non-NFC phones?
We cannot comment on future device implementations.

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