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Archived:LCDUI CustomItem content remains blank when appended to a Form before setting the Form as current Displayable (Known Issue)

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A Form containing a CustomItem object is set to be the current Displayable. CustomItem’s content remains blank although it should be visible.


The CustomItem.paint() method is not called when the Form becomes current the Displayable. However, the method will be called when any other paint event will be triggered after the Form gets displayed.

How to reproduce

  Form form = new Form("CustomItem");
MyCustomItem myItem = new MyCustomItem();


There is currently no solution. However, the issue can be avoided if Display.getDisplay() is called at least once during the MIDlet’s lifecycle before creating the CustomItem object, e.g. in the beginning of the MIDlet’s constructor.

  Form form = new Form("CustomItem");
MyCustomItem myItem = new MyCustomItem();
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