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On certain S60 5th Edition devices, a long tap in an eSWT MIDlet can result in a number of issues. These issues are:

  • A wait animation gets displayed when tapping any eSWT control. The animation should only be played when there is a pop-up menu attached to an eSWT control.
  • A panic exit (crash) is caused by the MIDlet when a long tap is interpreted as a mouse down event which is set to dispose of an eSWT control. Instead of a panic exit, disposing of the visible control should be done discretely with a wait animation shown.

How to reproduce

To test the wait animation issue:

1. Download and install the eSWT Showcase MIDlet from the Java Developer's Library in Nokia Developer: http://library.developer.nokia.com/index.jsp?topic=/Java_Developers_Library/GUID-CB90DACD-1754-48FA-A18A-6AF630E65CFF.html

2. After launching the MIDlet, perform testing with the eSWT Showcase main menu by long tapping any of the menu items.

NOTE: The correct performance can be tested by using the 'Lists', 'Table', and 'Static Components & Layout' tests which can be found in the main menu. In these tests, the pop-up menu will be displayed correctly after the wait animation.

To test the panic exit issue:

1. For an eSWT test MIDlet, implement an eSWT control and add a mouse listener to it. For example, implement a List with a mouse listener added:

 // cParent= a composite parent control for List, 768= List style
final List cntrl = new List(cParent, 768);
public void widgetSelected(SelectionEvent ev)
// Add a mouse listener to the control
cntrl.addMouseListener(new MouseListener() {
public void mouseDoubleClick(MouseEvent mouseevent)
public void mouseDown(MouseEvent arg0)
public void mouseUp(MouseEvent mouseevent)

2. Include a control dispose for mouse down events:

 public void mouseDown(MouseEvent arg0)


No solution exists for S60 5th Edition and Nokia N97 SDK emulators.

Both issues have been fixed for the latest software versions of the affected devices:

- Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, from v 31.0.008.

- Nokia N97, from v 21.0.019.

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