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This competition completed in 2009. The content created may still be relevant, but this competition page itself is not.

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Created: jaaura (29 Apr 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (18 Jun 2012)
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The month of May has flown by and we’ve got some winners for the May Mobile Design wiki challenge!

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the CS4 Web Premium software and a shiny 5800 Xpress music device is croozeus , who contributed great patterns such as fly out menus and application layouts.

Two more 5800 Xpress devices are going out to Feliperodrigues and prakash.raman , who also stepped up with some great contributions! Keep an eye on your mailbox you two, you should be getting them soon. Special recognition goes out to Yiibu, who kicked off the challenge with some extremely informative and inspirational patterns!

We wanted to thank everyone who participated- considering this is a new area we’re exploring for the wiki, you guys have certainly stepped up to meet the challenge, and the results have been great. We look forward to seeing you all (and more!) participate in this month’s Archived:Mobile Design Challenge part 2!

Articles by May 2009 Mobile Design Challenge Winners

Nokia Developer Team

Help us to increase the number of useful and high quality design resources available on Nokia Developer and win handsets and other prizes! Contribute useful tips and info you’ve discovered about user interfaces, visual approaches and interaction design to the Nokia Developer community and help us to be the best resource available for creative developers.

In addition to the glory and fame, the top contributor will receive a copy of Adobe CS4 as well as a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The two best runner-ups will receive a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. If we get quite a few quality entries, we’ll give out some more! Also note that valuable and high-quality contributions to Nokia Developer communities, such as the wiki, are considered a major criteria for receiving and renewing membership in the Nokia Developer Champions reward program.

The challenge runs until May 31st 2009. All contributions that include the category Mobile Design* between May 7th and May 31st 2009 are automatically considered as entries for the competition. When posting, ensure your Nokia Developer contact details are valid.

Helpful contributions may range from visual and interaction design information and for example may include:

  • Design patterns
  • UI components
  • CSS styling tips
  • jQuery info
  • Mobile web design information
  • Surprise us

As examples of what we are looking for, check out the sections Mobile Design Patterns, Mobile Web Design Patterns, Simple Web Runtime Design Patterns Using jQuery, and Mobilising your Web Service.

Before letting your inspiration fly, check the following information:

* TIP! Though Mobile Design is not yet listed in the "Pick Category" -drop down menu in the Nokia Developer Wiki editing view, you can add it manually by including the following string at the beginning of your page content:


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