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Archived:Mobile Design Challenge part 2

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This challenge completed in June, 2009

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Created: jaaura (31 May 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (18 Jun 2012)
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Who knew that June could come and go so quickly?

Overall, it’s been great to check in on the wiki over the month and see the entries that have been coming in – as you may have noticed, a couple of the categories for the challenge have been quite new, so it’s been great to see the variety of information you all have been contributing to the community! It’s been great to see our regular contributors flexing to meet our new challenges and we’ve been really happy to see some new faces!

The winners of brand new, shiny N97 devices are:

jappit - The File Upload is a good example of mobile web pattern, providing a great structure of usage on when and how to use it. What really shines about this article is that not only does it talk about the pattern in general, but it also provides concrete information on execution for several different platforms. Furthermore, Jappit contributed a really extensive and highly valuable series of WRT articles, including 7 JavaScript WRT components, 2 Example Widgets for existing websites (one of which for Nokia Developer), and 13 other highly interesting WRT articles. Check all the mobile design articles by Jappit >>

Alen Alebic - The GridMenu Component for Flash Lite is a great example of mobile specific implementation of a familiar component that can easily be utilized in any application.

JasperJager - The Kinetic Scroll Component for Flash Lite displays in a nice way how to utilize the interaction possibilities of the touch screen. Using this component surely will save time.

kamaljaiswal - Kamaljaiswal did a really great job with Themes:S60 UI Components and other themes articles, building on material to be found in the Nokia Developer Library and from Carbide UI documentation and creating a lot of new valuable resources for themes!

mayankkedia - Mayankkedia is a very active member of the Nokia Developer community and has written a plethora of articles of which the Mobile Design: Listbox Usability is one good example. Also the improvements to many existing articles have been noted, such as Designing usability, and spicing up numerous earlier text only based articles with illustrative visuals, such as Colors in User Interface.

Aadhar14b - Nice articles, such as Information Visualization For Mobile Applications with a lot of images and out of the box thinking was what won the N97 for Aadhar14b

See all the articles by the winners
See all the articles and components that participated in this contest
Congratulate the winners!

Us over at Nokia Developer HQ are gearing up for a little soaking in the sunshine, so we won’t be running a challenge for July. But once we’re back in the saddle we’ll be thinking up some great new challenges and prizes for you to enter and win, so stay tuned!

Original announcement for Mobile Design Challenge part 2:

Help us to create the best resource online for creative developers! Do you have a tip, trick or interesting information to contribute regarding mobile design? We’ve got a brand new mobile design challenge for the month of June! Contribute a great article this month regarding mobile design with a focus on the following areas:

  • Theming
  • Flash Lite UI Components
  • Usability
  • Surprise us! (anything related to mobile design)

If your articles look great and have good information, we’ll be more than happy to pass along to you a brand new Nokia N97 multimedia computer! Even one very good article can win. We will be handing out (at least) one N97 for each focus area.

This challenge runs until June 30th 2009. All contributions that include the category Mobile Design or the subcategories of Themes (complementing information to be found in Design and Experience Library), Flash Lite Components or Usability between June 3rd and June 30th 2009 are automatically considered as entries for the competition. When posting, please ensure your Nokia Developer contact details are valid.

For examples of what we’re looking for, please check out what we’ve got regarding Themes and Flash Lite UI Components. For the Usability section of the wiki, it would be interesting to try something new, such us describing your application before and after (with screenshots illustrating the changes) a usability review, e.g. by utilizing the self help of the User Experience Programme. Or you may provide an article discussing some common usability failures with practical solutions provided addressing those.

Before posting an article, check the following information: Instructions on how to create a Wiki articles