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Archived:NMEAXmit - a NMEA dumper for S60 3rd Edition

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Created: ltomuta (10 Jul 2008)
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This application, written by Juha Ruotsalainen and Arno Saine, requests raw NMEA data from location framework (LFW) and either:
  • Displays it on screen.
  • Saves it to memory card.
  • Sends it over Bluetooth to a connected device.
  • All of the above.

This functionality was achieved by marrying S60 public SDK example application Chat with LocationRefAppForS60.

Chat provided the BT serial port profile service stuff needed for Bluetooth sending, and LocationRefAppForS60 provided the sample code for LFW usage. LocationRefAppForS60 parts needed to be changed so that it requests RAW NMEA data instead of preprocessed coordinates.


Using NMEAXmit to receive NMEA data over Bluetooth to PC

  1. Enable BT on phone, start NMEAXmit and select 'Start GPS Sending'.
  2. Start BT pairing on laptop, select the desired phone, and most importantly, be sure that the laptop finds a serial port profile on the desired phone.
  3. When pairing has been successfully completed, there should be a new COM port on the laptop. When this COM port is opened using HyperTerminal, NMEA dump starts scrolling on HyperTerminal's display.
  4. Done.

N.B. The source code package includes animated instructions for using this feature :)

Using NMEAXmit to save GPS receiver’s data, and simulate it later on the device

  1. Install Simulation PSY to the device.
  2. Start Dumping to memory card in NMEAXmit.
  3. Stop Dumping to memory card in MNEAXmit. Recorded dump file is copied to Simulation PSY folder.
  4. Start simulation from Tools / Settings / General / Positioning / Positioning methods.
  5. Select the file you've just recorded from Simulation PSY options.
  6. See the simulation running in Nokia Maps or other applications that use GPS.

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