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Archived:Naming and versioning of Java Runtime for Symbian

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This article describes the naming convention for Java ME versions on Symbian. Note that these versions are updated independently of the underlying platform.



Java Runtime for Symbian is Java ME compliant, mobile Java runtime environment designed for Nokia Symbian devices. Starting from S60 5th Edition Java Runtime for Symbian will have separate versions from the underlying S60 Platform with aim to provide more frequently new Java versions to the market. Key drivers for that are for example faster time-to-market for new features and a possibility to update Java Runtime for Symbian independently via downloadable SIS files, and also in the future via Nokia SW Update.

Nokia has discontinued the use of "S60" product name and "Symbian" is replacing in future. The first Java Runtime with this change is Java Runtime 2.1 for Symbian. The older versions (JRT 1.3 and JRT 1.4) are named Java Runtime 1.3 for S60 and Java Runtime 1.4 for S60.

Note.pngNote: In JRT 2.1 the string sw_platform of the system property microedition.platform returns still "S60" as platform version in Nokia Symbian^3 devices, but this may change to "Symbian" in the coming releases. The string sw_platform_version of the system property microedition.platform returns "5.0" for S60 5th Edition devices and "5.2" for Symbian^3 devices.

Naming scheme

Recommended naming conventions:

  • General name: Java Runtime for S60, Java Runtime for Symbian
  • Name for specific releases: Java Runtime x.y for S60, e.g. Java Runtime 1.4 for S60 and Java Runtime x.y for Symbian, e.g. Java Runtime 2.1 for Symbian
  • Name for use in technical documentation: JRT x.y (requires explanation of acronym before the first use in a page, e.g. Java Runtime 2.1 for Symbian (JRT 2.1))

Version scheme

Java Runtime version number is using format X.Y.Z, where

  • X is major version - major architectural improvements, major evolution, major usability
  • Y is minor version - new features, new usability, new inputs such as touch or qwerty, minor architecture changes
  • Z is build number - bug fixes, small new sub-features, stability enhancements

Release notes for currently published versions

How to check the Java runtime version

The Java version number can be queried by using standard System.getProperty() method as shown below:


For example, the result string in Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is:


In the string java_build_version indicates the Java release version, in this case 1.3.4.

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