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Using deprecated CSmsSettings store/restore functions can lead to errors when sending an SMS message on a S60 3rd Edition device.

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Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
Created: User:Technical writer 1 (20 Aug 2007)
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Due to platform security on S60 3rd Edition, all messaging settings have been moved into the Central Repository data storage. This transition led to the deprecation of the old SMS settings API (that is, using CSmsSettings store/restore functions). Using these deprecated methods can lead into KErrGsmSMSUnspecifiedProtocolError, KErrGsmSMSInvalidMandatoryInformation errors when sending an SMS message on a S60 3rd Edition device.


// ----------------------------------------
// Sets the message center to the message
// ----------------------------------------
TInt CFW3MsgEngine::SetSMSCL()
TInt err = 0;
// CSmsHeader encapsulates data specific for sms messages,
// like service center number and options for sending.
CSmsHeader& header = iMtm->SmsHeader();
CSmsSettings* settings = CSmsSettings::NewL();
CSmsNumber* sc = CSmsNumber::NewL(); //CSmsNumber* sc = 0;
//--------- SMSC & header set-up
settings->CopyL(iMtm->ServiceSettings()); // restore existing settings
// set send options
settings->SetDelivery(ESmsDeliveryImmediately); // set to be delivered immediately
// Set SMSC address
if (header.Message().ServiceCenterAddress().Length() == 0)
// No smsc set. We assume there is at least one sc number defined and use
// the default SC number.
CSmsSettings* serviceSettings = &(iMtm->ServiceSettings());
// if number of scaddresses in the list is null
if (!serviceSettings->ServiceCenterCount()) // New messaging API uses new methods
// here there should be a dialog in which user can add sc number
_LIT(KNotSet,"SMSC not set");
// Display a Note
CAknGlobalNote* globalNote = CAknGlobalNote::NewLC();
globalNote->ShowNoteL(EAknGlobalInformationNote, KNotSet);
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // globalNote
// set sc address to default.
sc->SetAddressL((serviceSettings->GetServiceCenter(serviceSettings->DefaultServiceCenter())).Address()); // New messaging API uses new methods
//--------- SMSC & header set-up
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(2); // sc, settings
return err;
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