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Platform(s): S60 2nd Edition
Keywords: py2sis
Created: gaba88 (17 Jul 2008)
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After writing a successful application in Python, if one needs to convert that PY script into a sis file, then this article will guide one to successfully make a sis file on Windows platform, but this technique is only for Nokia S60 2nd Edition phones.


Then install the above mentioned requirements in stepwise manner.

Setting the environment variable

This is one of the most important steps and most of the mistakes occur here so carefully observe the steps.

  • Right click on My computer icon, select Properties -> "System Properties" dialog box is opened.
  • Select Advanced tab. Click on Environment Variables button. Another dialog box "Environment Variables" is opened.
  • Select Path from "System Variables". Click on Edit button another dialog box "Edit System Variables" is open.
  • In variable value text box put cursor at the end of text box string.
  • There add this path C:\Nokia\Tools\Python_for_Series_60\py2sis


  • After installing the SDK for S60 2nd edition a Symbian directory will be created your local disk. Similarly after installing the Python SDK a directory named Nokia will be created.
  • Now open the local drive where your S60 SDK is installed and go to the following path:

Search for a file named uidcrc.exe and copy it your py2sis directory. After this copy your Python script to the same py2sis directory.

  • Open the command prompt and enter the path given below:
  • Now your command prompt should show c:\Nokia\Tools\Python_for_series60\py2sis>.
  • After this enter the py2sis command like this
C:\Nokia\Tools\Python_for_Series_60\py2sis> py2sis myfirst.sis --uid=0x07876543 --appname=firstapplication


  • is your Python script.
  • myfirst.sis is name of your SIS file which will be created.
  • --uid=0x01234567 is the Symbian UID; can be within the test range (0xE0000000...0xEFFFFFFF).
  • --appname is the name of your application.

Additional information

  • Link were py2sis was discussed on the

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