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Archived:PySymbian C++ Extensions

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Article Metadata
Created: cyke64 (06 Apr 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (31 May 2013)
Name 1st and/or 2nd 3rd selfsigned 3rd unsigned C++ source Author Comments Links Ported to 1.9.x?
smswatch v v v mwicat PySymbian extension for silent capture of SMS messages Yes
properties v v v Mark Hurenkamp No 1.4.x version available yet Yes
Miso v v v v PDIS Misc utils like is_app_installed, kill_process, etc Author's Page Documentation Yes
misoalarm v v v v HIIT alarms [1] No
pyaosocket v v v v PDIS new aosocketnativenew [2] No
pyinbox v v v v HIIT BT OBEX Inbox hack [3] No
pynewfile v v v HIIT Camera app embedding [4] No
pyswinst v v HIIT silent install [5] No
Misty 1.5 v v v Cyke64 Misty is a library providing access to various native phone APIs, including Bluetooth name and address, IMEI code, free disk and heap space, vibrate and taking pictures with the camera etc Author's Page Documentation
appswitch v v v Hitesh Tailor, Simo Salminen, Lfd, Cyke64 [6] , Yes
fgimage v v v v Simo Salminen deprecated => topwindow [7]
vibra v v v  ??? deprecated => miso or misty
music v v  ??? bugged !
pys60USB v v v v Simo Salminen alpha ! [8]
pys60 elementtree v v v 2nd 3rd Simo Salminen [9]
mmsmodule v FP2 v lapanen experimental for 2nd FP2 [10]
callstatus v v dk CallStatusDeprecated ==> sysagent [11]
keypress 1.02 v v v dk + Cyke64 3rd unsigned only ! [12] Yes
image1st v v many only useful for 1st !
uikludges v v v v Simo Salminen deprecated => uitricks
iapconnect v v v v Simo Salminen It allows to create tcp/ip socket without displaying the access point dialog
akntextutils v v Simo Salminen deprecated ==> EG1 [13]
wap v v Vladimir Vyskocil
sysagent 1.11 v v Cyke64 replace callstatus ! [14]
aosocketnativenew new v Albert Huang
cerealizer v v v v Simo Salminen Allows to save objects in file. Its interface is similar to Pickle, however Cerealizer is safe Download Documentation
lightblue 0.4 v v v v Bea Lam [15]
hack v v v v many [16]
cmobihf v v v v Tovganesh [17]
uitricks v v v v Cyke64 (Replace uikludges) Enable right sofkey label modification Download Documentation
uikludges 2.0 Mikko Ohtamaa replace uikludges [18]
flashy v v Cyke64 [19]
activeprofile v v v Cyke64 Get details for the active profile (message_alert, keypad_volume, warning_tones, ringing_volume, ring_type) Author's Page Documentation
pathinfo v v v Cyke64 Get the path of some S60 objects (video,games,images etc.) Author's Page Documentation
cenrep v v v Cyke64 Allow you to get and set value from activeprofile and toggle some very useful values as bluetooth and network Author's page Download Documentation
feature v v v Cyke64 [20]
dialog v v v v Lfd [21]
pys60crypto v v v v Lfd [22]
phone_ext v Aalborg PhoneExt [23]
pyextAccel 5500 5500 v Jespern only for Nokia 5500 sport ! [24]
pys60_pyexpat v v v v Teemu Harju
AES v Quickie Easy string encryption [25]
uidcrc v v Shrim [26]
applist v v v Hitesh Tailor, Cheemeng list and launch installed apps [27] , Yes
wlantools v v Hitesh Tailor, Christophe Berger wlan-scanning [28] , Yes
elocation v v Hitesh Tailor, Christophe Berger extended GSM details [29] Yes
xprofile v v Cyke64 profile changing for 1.4.5 snippet
profiles v Hitesh Tailor profile changing for 1.9.x API examples Yes
pys60_wallpaper v v v v Teemu Harju Update wallpaper [30]
keylocker v Hitesh Tailor keypad locker 1.9.x Forum Yes
silent_bt v v diegodobelo Article
pyfileselect v v treitmaier file selection dialog Yes
pymgfetch v v treitmaier multimedia selection dialog Yes
pyinfobox v v treitmaier message query Only for 1.9.x
appuifw2 v v Arkadiusz Wahlig, Hitesh Tailor Enhanced appuifw module,


sysinfo2 v Hitesh Tailor Provides sysinfo plus more


apptools v Hitesh Tailor Applist and Appswitch are obsolete. This updated extension provides all that and more


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