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Trying to use RPositioner::NotifyPositionUpdate() to receive GPS position fails after a certain number of updates have been made, if update options have been omitted. This known issue has been verified by Nokia Developer.

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Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia N95, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia 6110 Navigator
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1
S60 3rd Edition FP1
Created: alammi (30 Nov 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (21 Jun 2012)


Approximately after 4-5 minutes (255 update cycles), RPositioner::NotifyPositionUpdate() completes with error KErrInUse (-14). This happens when the client has not set valid update options with RPositioner::SetUpdateOptions().

This is not the defined return value for this API. After returning KErrInUse the RPositioner has "died" and always returns KErrInUse.

Note that the problem does not appear when using a Bluetooth GPS through the Location Acquisition API, or on the emulator.

How to reproduce

Header file:

  class CMyPositioner : public CActive 
RPositionServer iPositionServer;
RPositioner iPositioner;
TPositionSatelliteInfo iSatelliteInfo;


  _LIT(KRequestor, "MyPositioner");
void CMyPositioner::ConstructL()
User::LeaveIfError( iPositionServer.Connect() );
User::LeaveIfError( iPositioner.Open(iPositionServer) );
User::LeaveIfError( iPositioner.SetRequestor( CRequestor::ERequestorService,
KRequestor) );
CActiveScheduler::Add( this );
void CMyPositioner::StartL()
iPositioner.NotifyPositionUpdate( iSatelliteInfo, iStatus );
void CMyPositioner::RunL()
if (iStatus == KErrNone)
// Got iSatelliteInfo successfully, handle it
// Request next update
iPositioner.NotifyPositionUpdate(iSatelliteInfo, iStatus);
// Fails with KErrInUse (-14) after 255 cycles
_LIT( KDebugMessage, "NotifyPositionUpdate() failed: %d" );
RDebug::Print( KDebugMessage, iStatus.Int() );


Set valid update options with RPositioner::SetUpdateOptions() prior to calling RPositioner::NotifyPositionUpdate():

TPositionUpdateOptions( '''aInterval''',
TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds(0), /* timeout */
TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds(0), /* max age */
iPositioner.NotifyPositionUpdate( iSatelliteInfo, iStatus );

Note that the update interval (aInterval) value must be non-zero.

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