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Keywords: RConnectionMonitor, KClientInfo
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The RConnectionMonitor class provides methods for resolving the UIDs of applications which are using a specific connection. The list of application UIDs is retrieved by passing a valid connection of an existing connection ID and a KClientInfo attribute for the RConnectionMonitor::GetPckgAttribute() method. The results are obtained through a package from which the UIDs can be read.


Required Headers & Libraries:

 #include <rconnmon.h> // Link against connmon.lib


 RConnectionMonitor monitor;
TRequestStatus status1, status2;
TUint connectionCount( 0 );
TUint subConnectionCount( 0 );
TUint connectionId( 0 );<br>
monitor.ConnectL(); // Open RConnectionMonitor object<br>
// Get connection count
monitor.GetConnectionCount( connectionCount, status1 );
User::WaitForRequest( status1 );<br>
if ( status1.Int() != KErrNone )
// Handle errors
if ( connectionCount == 0 )
// No connection
// Get connection info of the 1st connection
TInt error = monitor.GetConnectionInfo( 1, connectionId, subConnectionCount );
if ( error != KErrNone )
// Handle errors
// Get connection client info
TConnMonClientEnumBuf buf;
monitor.GetPckgAttribute( connectionId, 0, KClientInfo, buf, status2 );
User::WaitForRequest( status2 );
if ( status2.Int() != KErrNone )
// Handle errors
TUint clientCount = buf().iCount; //number of clients
for ( TInt i = 0; i < clientCount; i++ )
TUid uid = buf().iUid[i]; //UID of the client
monitor.Close(); // Close RConnectionMonitor object

Required Capabilities: NetworkControl

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