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S60 5th Edition
Created: croozeus (14 Oct 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (31 May 2013)



Here is a small code snippet which creates a Alarm Clock in Python.This application is designed to make an alert sound at a specific date and/or time. The application is tested on S60 5th Edition SDK but the code below can also be used with S60 5th Edition pre-releases (some changes might be required for porting). Learn how to use PySymbian with 5th Edition SDK here: Archived:PySymbian for 5th Edition with sample applications.

Code Snippet

Below is the code snippet for Alarm clock application.

import e32
import time
import appuifw
def quit():
def play_sound():
from audio import *
f = 'C:\\Nokia\\Sounds\\Digital\\28050.amr'
s = Sound.open(f)#open sound file
s.play()#play sound file
def alarm(): #function to compare time.
def wait():
t = list(time.localtime())
n = time.mktime(t)
t[3] = t[4] = t[5] = 0
t[2] += 1
return time.mktime(t) - n
w = wait()
while w > 60:
h = w / 3600
m = w % 3600 / 60
s = w % 60
print "Alarm on !"
print "waiting %02d:%02d:%02d ..." % (h, m, s)
timer.after(s or 60)
w = wait()
appuifw.note(u"Alarm time" + unicode(note)) #display note on alarm
play_sound() #play sound on alarm
tx.font=u"Nokia Hindi S6017" # specify font
tx.style = appuifw.STYLE_BOLD
tx.clear() #Clear the window
tx.add(u"The Current Time is "+ unicode(time.localtime())
tx.add(u"\n >Click options to set new alarm")
appuifw.app.menu=[(u'Quick Alarm', alarm),(u'Exit', quit)] # Set menu options


Alarm 5thSDK.jpg

Further Development

A lot of improvements can be done to the code presented in this article. For example,

  • The graphics of the application can be customized using the graphics module.
  • A topwindow or a pop-up alert could be added.

See Also

Archived:PySymbian for 5th Edition with sample applications

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