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Archived:Some user-defined vibra intensity values are not supported on S60 3rd Edition (Known Issue)

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Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
Created: User:Technical writer 1 (31 Aug 2007)
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The HWRM Vibra API, defined in hwrmvibra.h, provides the ability to control the device vibration feature. The following function:

void CHWRMVibra::StartVibraL( TInt aDuration, TInt aIntensity );

allows setting a custom intensity for the vibration. aIntensity is defined as percentage of the maximum rotation speed of the vibra motor. Negative values are also allowed, in which case the vibra motor rotates in the opposite direction. According to SDK documentation, the allowed value range for aIntensity is -100..100. Intensity values outside this range will result in KErrArgument error.

In addition, vibra hardware places also a lower limit for the rotation speed. This low limit is in most devices 30; trying to set an intensity lower than +/- 30 will result in KErrGeneral error.


User-defined intensity values should be in the range (+/-) 30..100. Vibra clients should be prepared to handle following error (leave) codes when using the above function:

  • KErrNotSupported - Device does not support user-defined vibra intensity values.
  • KErrArgument - One of the parameters is out of range.
  • KErrAccessDenied - Vibration setting in the user profile is not set.
  • KErrBadHandle - Vibra session has been invalidated.
  • KErrLocked - Vibra is locked down because too much continuous use or explicitly blocked (e.g. by a vibration-sensitive accessory).
  • KErrTimedOut - Timeout occurred in controlling vibra.
  • KErrInUse - Vibra is reserved by some other client.
  • KErrNoMemory - Memory allocation failure.
  • KErrGeneral - Vibra hardware does not support one of the parameters, or other hardware error.
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