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Archived:Sport News RSS Syndication app in QML - app showcase

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SPORT NEWS is an RSS syndication app which provides news of sporting events. This article provides an overview of the app design.

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Sports are a method of entertainment that does not distinguish between people and between cultures, everyone can enjoy these events, and why not enjoy it from anywhere. SPORT NEWS is an application that lets you view from a mobile device any news of sporting events and more relevant in the world are welcome.


The source of project you can find it: <removed> as SportNews.rar

App features

Some Buttons of Symbian were used and ButtonRow with images of own design for the application to be a little friendlier, were used to display lists news, TextArea to display the details of the story chosen by the user, during the development of the application we used StatusBar, BusyIndicator, Page, PageStack, Dialogue, etc., all these taking into account the rules set out in the competition.


SPORT NEWS provides an easy way to stay informed on the latest developments in sports, mainly soccer, auto racing and tennis.

The application described in this article allows the user to view current news on different sports, which includes match results, information on championships or events presented in an event. The user begins watching a home page on which appears the name of the application, the application automatically provides access to a list that displays the title of the news and a representative image (initially published the news of soccer by default) and user can choose another sport through the horizontal list buttons at the top, the user can select any of the news from the list to view more detailed information with just pressing the news you want to view. At any time of the application is able to return to the previous page, you also have the option to exit from the application.

The information displayed in lists, and descriptions of each story was used by the RSS feed from several sports websites.

Design guidelines compliance

Guidelines for Application Design

The design and application development was performed taking into account the guidelines provided by the information page of the competition. It worked Symbian multiple components in different parts of the application, without overloading of elements to not lose its simplicity and ease of use, the application also has user-friendly interfaces, and intuitive, so a person who first used News Sport can be deduced without difficulty how it works and what benefits obtained from this application.

Guidelines for the Design Icon

During the design of the icon was taken into consideration the recommendations presented in section design iconography of the Nokia developer page.

The icon design was done using Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 tool, and for conversion to SVG format required the use of SVG Converter. The result is an icon simple yet attractive, allowing to quickly recognize what is the purpose of the application.

The icon has a size of 96 x 96, and SVG format is required because the operating system which is oriented. Because the application uses shared information through RSS feeds, the background color was chosen (255R, 91G, 0B) as the color code from Nokia.

Problems and solutions

The main problem presented is that being an application that collects information from servers, news can be lost if the server goes down.

Because the servers are outside the application there is no direct solution to this problem, however tried to avoid using reliable servers.




Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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