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The Cryptography module is the basis of the Symbian OS Security system. The services provided by this module are used by the following components: Certman (Certificate Management), Software Installation, Secure Communication Protocols (e.g., SSL, TLS, IPSEC), and WTLS. This package contains the published header files allowing developers to make use of the built-in Symbian OS cryptography libraries.

These header files are being made available on the Symbian developer website as a package which can be installed over the top of an existing S60 3rd edition or UIQ 3 SDK, and includes APIs for encryption and decryption using symmetric and asymmetric keys, and password-based encryption and decryption. Applications compiled using these APIs will use the cryptography libraries built in to Symbian OS phones and emulators.

Installation and use

Download the Archived:Symbian Cryptography APIs#Download package.

Run the set-up application then copy the API files to the compatible SDK you plan to use them with.


Symbian OS v9.1+



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