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The Mobile Service Architecture Specification (MSA or JSR-248) specifies a number of system properties which the MSA-compliant devices must implement through the System.getProperty() method. Some of the system properties can be used to query the version of the API in question.

These MSA-defined system properties have not been implemented on S60 3rd Edition, Series 40 3rd Edition, Series 40 3rd Edition, FP1, or Series 40 3rd Edition, FP2 devices, even though these devices support some of the APIs in question. On these devices the system properties return null, even if the API in question is implemented on the device.

This is because the MSA specification was finalised after the devices in question were already shipping.

A list of such system properties follows:

  • xml.jaxp.subset.version
  • xml.rpc.subset.version
  • microedition.satsa.crypto.version
  • microedition.satsa.apdu.version
  • microedition.satsa.pki.version
  • wireless.messaging.version
  • microedition.m2g.svg.baseProfile
  • microedition.m2g.svg.version

How to reproduce

A system property can be checked by using the following code snippet:

String propertyValue=System.getProperty("Place_a_system_property_here");


No solution available for the affected devices.

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