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Devices(s): Nokia N80
Platform(s): Series 40 3rd Edition, S60 3rd Edition
Series 40 3rd Edition (initial release)
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
Created: User:Technical writer 1 (22 Nov 2006)
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Calls cannot be received during streaming on some 2G networks using Series 40 3rd Edition, S60 3rd Edition devices.

How to reproduce

Open the web browser on the Nokia N80 (or any of the 2G and 3G devices), go to address http://text.dslreports.com/mspeed, and launch one of the higher speed tests, such as 600k. When the loading page is displayed, and the data starts to arrive as noted in the byte counter in the upper-right corner of the screen, try to call the phone. When a 3G connection is used, there is no trouble interrupting the download. When a 2G connection is used, it usually does not interrupt the download and the incoming call goes straight to voice mail.


The operators can configure this functionality in their network, on the Access Point to be more specific. The "Internet" APN will not let you receive calls, as this access point may be used as Internet connection for example for your laptop. However, the "WAP" and/or "GPRS" connection is usually used for WAP/web browsing using the mobile phone's browser, and this usually lets the call come through.

There are also some technical limitations, 3G signalling allows voice to come through and if simultaneous Packet Data Protocol (PDP) exists, the PDP could be dropped to 2G network. This does not happen the other way round.

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