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The following methods from the video recorder utility class cannot be used on S60 3rd Edition devices: CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenDesL(), CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenFileL(const RFile &aFile, ...), CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenUrlL().

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S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
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CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenDesL() and OpenUrlL() methods return KErrNotSupported (-5) error. This is because these methods are not implemented in the Camera (Camcorder) MMF controller. Playing videos frame by frame from a memory buffer and recording to a buffer or to a URL location are not supported.

There are also problems with overloaded method of CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenFileL() accepting a file handle (RFile&) as a parameter. This method does not leave or immediately return errors in MVideoRecorderUtilityObserver callbacks. However, when trying to record, MvruoRecordComplete() callback is received with KErrCompletion (-17) error. No data is written to the file specified by the handle.


CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenDesL() and CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenUrlL() are not supported. CVideoRecorderUtility::OpenFileL(const TDesC &aFileName, ...) can be used for recording video content into a file.

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